The dish of “rice and curry” in Sri Lanka is rarely, if ever as simple as its name might be suggest. On the contrary it can be and frequently does, a veritable banquet comprise a large platter of rice surrounded by a number of smaller dishes made from vegetables, meat or fish and accompanied by chutneys, a sambol (relish) and poppadums. The smaller rice and curry dishes showcase the island’s spices, and will usually comprise such items as fish curry, dhal and curried okra or chili potatoes. Pumpkin curry is frequently served too, as is aubergine, but visitors may also come across such treats as curried mango or jackfruit. A popular relish is pol sambol, made from grated coconut, chili and salty shredded Maldive fish (cured and dried tuna) which has quite a kick to it. Seeni sambol is gentler and uses onion and tamarind for a sweet sour taste. The rice used is predominantly of the boiled white variety, but red rice is also served in some places. Things to Do Sri Lanka

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