Over the last few years, whale and dolphin watching has really taken off in Sri Lanka. The country sits alongside one of the world’s great cetacean migratory routes, and sightings are guaranteed for large parts of the year. Mirissa and Dondra Head on the South Coast are perfectly placed for some excellent whale watching, with the former being the hub for expeditions and accommodation. While the migratory season lasts from December to April, the first and the last months are the best time to spot blue and sperm whales, as well as dolphins. Trincomalee on the East Coast has also been renowned for whale sightings since the 1980s and continues to attract large numbers of visitors. Blue whales can be seen here from February through August as they continue their migration around the island from the South Coast. Over on the West Coast, the Kalpitiya Peninsula is best known for its pods of spinner dolphins and sperm whales, spotted on a regular basis between November and March. As a result, Sri Lanka offers around 10 months of whale watching every year at different destinations along the coast.

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